Why should we go on a yoga retreat during the Holidays?

Holidays are coming up! Are you excited? This should be a time to celebrate and be with your loved ones. If this is exactly what you need at this time of year, then this is not the right time to … Read More

Breadfruit & why we should talk more about it.

*Written by Mario Aranda – manager and amazing chef at Eden* Although it’s not native to the Caribbean area, Breadfruit (native to New Guinea) has been used for a long time as food. Then why, despite this, has it been … Read More

Gratitude, the key to abundance and synchronicity

*Written by Maija Klamer -resident yoga teacher and retreat leader at Eden* I had an important realization the other day. It hit me that most of what I ever wished for in my life had actually become true. Some of … Read More

Yoga, from spiritual life-art practice to wellness-hype and back

*Written by Maija Klamer -resident yoga teacher and retreat leader at Eden* More than 300 million people in the world practice yoga today, according to the International Yoga Federation. Most of them attend yoga classes in a gym, studio or … Read More

The importance of Life-Art rituals in times of chaos and insecurity

*Written by Maija Klamer -resident yoga teacher and retreat leader at Eden* Here at Eden we live in close harmony with mother nature. Surrounded by green jungle, looking out over the majestic Pacific and at night covered by a blanket … Read More

Last year’s roller coaster

Eden’s last year has been a typical example of our life since Remy and I have started our adventure in Nicaragua. It’s one big roller coaster. Eden got to a place where we wanted her to be, she slowly got … Read More

Living in The Netherlands and Nicaragua, the best of both worlds?

Once we had a dream to live a life in two different countries. Let’s stay the summers in Amsterdam and the winters in a warm country. Let’s live a life where we have the best of both worlds. I always … Read More

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Immunity of the body, mind and soul – Part 3

During our quarantine life, the Eden team had the opportunity to do some soul searching. If not now, when than? When you are forced to stay at home, you spend so much time with yourself. Yourself can be a pain … Read More

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Immunity of the body, mind and soul – Part 2

Immunity and the mind Our body and mind are a closed loop system with one strongly affecting the other. If we experience stress, it weakens our immune system. What is the primary cause of stress? We can name a lot … Read More

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Immunity of the body, mind & soul

Part 1 – Immunity & the body Eden always strives to live a healthy lifestyle, which we like to share with our guests. To boost our immunity we need to focus on the bigger picture: the body, the mind and … Read More