*Written by Maija Klamer -resident yoga teacher and retreat leader at Eden*

I had an important realization the other day. It hit me that most of what I ever wished for in my life had actually become true. Some of those wishes dated back to my early childhood and had long been forgotten, so I did not always recognize the blessings as such. But when I took some more time to reflect on this, I was amazed by the number of gifts that I had been granted so far. And a little ashamed too for not being more grateful about it. 

As a child I always wanted to live where mango trees grow. There was not much that could get me so ecstatic as the taste of a juicy ripe mango. My whole face was covered in the fruit the first time I tasted it. I must have been around 2 years old then. When I was a bit older I would browse through the atlas to explore all the countries in the world, looking for places where mangos would most likely grow. I could really picture myself being there, wearing not much more than a thin summer dress. Tropical birds singing everywhere around me, and a treasure of red, gold and green fruits hanging from the trees. And guess where I am now?

Many years later I was on my first world trip outside of Europe, and I had another clear vision. I was standing on a beach in Oaxaca (Mexico), all alone during sunrise. Suddenly I knew that I was going to be a yoga teacher. It was a vision that just flowed into me and fulfilled me with this amazing vibration of truth. This would be my key to a life of freedom and flow, and my ticket into the wide world. And most importantly, my way to help others grow and find freedom too. I wrote some things in my diary later that day, and I recently read them again. I expressed the wish for a simple lifestyle in a sunny environment close to the ocean. I described a situation where I was driving a truck filled with fruits and vegetables, the windows wide open, singing along with the radio on. I was on my way to a tropical retreat center with guests waiting to enjoy my yoga classes, share stories around the bonfire and have delicious healthy food together. And guess what I have been doing this past year?

These are just two simple examples of things I’ve wished for that became true. There have been many more. And for a long time I kind of took these things for granted. And often, after a while, my once so ideal lifestyle started to become a bit boring and I’d lose the energetic flow that inspires me to inspire others. I know now that this is only natural. As I myself am nature and therefore cyclical like the seasons. Life needs to flow, allowing for different phases of growth and letting go. Like the moon that develops her luminous round fullness each month, and then shrinks back into complete darkness.

After I had been here at Eden for more than 6 months teaching yoga and running retreats groups, I started to feel a little uninspired and depleted. I felt a strong wish to receive some new teachings, healing and inspiration myself, being on the transmitting end for so long. Before I came to Nicaragua, I had been teaching yoga in Costa Rica and before that in Cambodia. It had been way too long since I had been on a retreat myself, or even had a simple massage. Although I realized I could not really go anywhere at that point, I sent out my wish into the universe: “I wish to meet a teacher soon who will inspire me to move into a new phase of my teaching journey..”

And again, the universe delivered. And how abundantly! Just one month later not one, but three very special women found their way to Eden to join our retreat. Ellen and Marisol from Aruba and a nomadic Shaman-woman named Anne-Solenn. 

All of them are wise healers, leaders and teachers in their own unique field. The vibration that the collective of us created was very special, and it lifted all of us up. We exchanged our knowledge, treatments and healing sessions, empowering each other on all levels. The shift in energy that this last month created for me personally is amazing and unlike anything I’ve felt before. I am deeply grateful for having met these beautiful souls and I will carry our new friendship happily into the future. And more importantly, I fully realize how generous and abundant the Universe is. I know I can trust the Divine flow and receive the gifts that are meant for me, as long as I open myself up. The greatest lesson I have learned is that there is nothing more receptive for magic than a heart that is wide open with gratitude.

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At the moment of writing this, I’m getting ready to leave Eden. It has been exactly eight months since I arrived here, and it is time for a new adventure. My next journey will take me to Denver, where I have the opportunity to open a new holistic wellness center with local partners. Although it feels strange to leave this beautiful country, where the mangos grow, I will still be linked to this place forever. And of course I will be returning again in February, for the first Yoga Teacher Training that I will lead together with Remy, Kelly and Yolentha. 

The overflow of gratitude I feel also goes towards Remy and Kelly, the founders of this amazing retreat space where so many unique creatures are attracted to. How lucky I was to be able to spend most of this strange and challenging year in their beautiful safe haven. So much inspiration for the future has sprouted, and we are going to create amazing things.

To spread some of these powerful vibrations of Gratitude, I am sharing two special online practices this month. One is a relaxing meditation journey, a yoga nidra, that you can listen to on our next Podcast episode. The other one is the youtube practice, which will be a heart opening and empowering flow, inspired by the element of Air. Join me to lift off on the wind of inspiration and open your heart to the magic vibration of gratitude. The universe is waiting to share all its abundance with you. All you have to do is open up and receive.

Om, shanti, om. With love and gratitude,



  1. Anne-Solenn Âme Soleil

    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring way of living connected to your true heart and blessed as a child with the universe.
    I had amazing time, empowerment, rejuvenation during our 15 days retreat at Eden, and this unique environment with the 3 of you and the all team reimpulsed my creativity.
    More than a friendship, deep soul family encounter 🤗🙏.
    All the best in Denver my dear.
    Love & Wisdom
    Anne-Solenn Âme Soleil

    • Remy & Kelly

      Thank you so much. That is really sweet 🙂

  2. Ellen Buermans

    Thank you so much Dear Maija
    Magic happens indeed at Eden. I still cherish the uplifting moments we created on the health deck and at Edens sacred garden. Beautiful souls who encourage eachother to remember our soul calls and much more. Many blessings and goodluck in your new journey and we will keep in touch.

  3. Kor

    Such an inspirational read full of positive energy. Thank you
    Peace & love

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