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During our quarantine life, the Eden team had the opportunity to do some soul searching. If not now, when than? When you are forced to stay at home, you spend so much time with yourself. Yourself can be a pain in the ass, especially when it starts to worry… We know all about it, we have overcome multiple crisisses here in Nicaragua and we have overcome them, but not without worrying or without being stressed. This time we decided to handle a crisis differently.

An inner journey

There are a lot of ways to handle a crisis. We can stress, we can drink, we can be on top of the news like we can control the situation, we can do nothing and watch netflix all day, we can crack our heads on how to deal with uncertainty etc. We decided to take a journey. A journey within ourselves.

How we did our soul searching

Every month we started with a cacao ceremony where we shared our feelings, reflect on the last month and set intentions for the next month. Every morning we took the time to train our minds while meditating. We worked and connected with our body while doing a powerful vinyasa or a workout. During the day we made time to journal, read inspiring books and make Eden more beautiful. We ended our day with a yin class while listening to podcasts from Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Alan Watts, all very inspiring people. It’s like we were running our own yoga retreat at Eden.

Connecting with a deeper sense of self

So how does this help to connect with the soul? In what way does this help to overcome a crisis? When a challenge, an uncertainty or something we don’t like happens or when we are getting out of our comfort zone, a certain emotion comes up. Most of the time an unpleasant one. Usually our minds can make it worse by worrying about it or trying to fight this feeling. By connecting with our mind and body through yoga and meditation, we can train to sit with this feeling and let it be for what it is, so we are not swept away by it. This way, we are creating a different relationship with our thoughts and our emotions and see them for what they are. While we are sitting still, we can connect with a deeper feeling, a sense of peace which is always there and if you are really present, you can feel this anytime, anywhere.

Dealing with uncertainty

During this journey it made us realize, that certainty is an illusion. “We are all one heartbeat away from death” – Eckhart Tolle. And that’s so true. We might think that we are secure, having a job, a house, a family, but all things outside of us can be gone in a heartbeat. Even a healthy body is one heartbeat away from an unhealthy body. The only thing we are completely sure of, is that everything changes, including you. So rather than fighting uncertainty, let’s be friends with it. Rather then change a situation you can’t control, make a change in yourself. Let’s find our base on a deeper level within ourselves, that connection with our soul, the higher consciousness, the universe, however you want to call it.

The magic of being grateful

From a point of deep awareness, new ideas, insights, visions come up. This is why we like to journal after our meditation, after a moment of being still. It also gives the opportunity to write down what to be grateful for. Every day there is something to be grateful for. And while doing that, it’s like a shift in energy takes place. While consciously writing down what you are grateful for, more and more things in your life happen to be grateful for. It’s like a domino effect. It also made us realize, what true happiness is. It is not achieving a certain dream image of your life. The moment you have achieved it, there will be a new challenge which comes up. True happiness is in the little things in daily life. It’s when we intensely experience love, when we laugh, when we are fully present. And that’s always there!

A new Eden

Isn’t immersing ourselves in yoga, self work and spirituality always the life at Eden? Maybe not for us in this intensity, but it can be for you, when you come here for a retreat. From this forced time being with ourselves, something beautiful came up. We visioned ourselves a new retreat center, feeling more and more capable taking our guests on an inner journey. The garden of Eden has grown, our cabanas are more beautiful than before, we feel totally ready for a new Eden. We all have our challenges, big or small. These challenges can make us grow, can make us stronger and we are so excited to take our guests on that same journey we took. Let’s align body, mind and soul for a healthier, happier and a more fulfilling life!



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