How do you stay calm when your world is upside down? How do we deal with insecurity? How can a yoga retreat make a difference? Let’s take a look at our 7-day yoga retreat in Nicaragua which we ran last week.

Set intention

We start off with setting an intention for the retreat. By far most people come here to ​SLOW DOWN.​ In these times the outer world is asking us to stay home, so we are forced to slow down, but what about our inner world? Our inner world needs to slow down too.

A journey through the chakras

Every day we target a different chakra in our classes. The first chakra, the root chakra, could not be more important than now. The root chakra is our base, that place where we feel safe and secure, our home. What happens if our base is at stake? We feel fear. When we lose our home, our job, our family, the things which gives us stability in life, we can literally feel the ground moving away from under our feet. Someone once told me, if we can feel home within our own body, home can be anywhere in the world. That is what we are trying to do in our classes. We are trying to ground down in the present moment, within our bodies. How do we do that? By raising our awareness in finding stability in our poses, by literally bringing our awareness towards our feet and feel everything that is touching the mat. When we are meditating we are bringing our attention to that root chakra, sending our breath to that area and we hold our breaths after our exhales to keep the energy down. Through the rest of the week we used the chakras to reflect on life, to reflect on the things we struggle with and train the mind to be present.

Being present

When was the last time you were completely in the zone, completely focused? And how did that feel? If we are completely in the moment, we can be very busy without being stressed. It actually feels kind of peaceful. This doesn’t even have to be in a yoga class, this can be while you are reading a book, doing your work, or going out for a surf! While we were learning to catch waves at the most beautiful surf beach in the area, we were more present than we were in our daily life. We were not thinking about home, our mind was quiet.

Supporting the community

Especially when times are rough we find reason to worry, but when times are rough there is even more reason to help others. During our visit to the community center for people with a disability in San Juan del Sur, it felt so good to support others. It felt so good seeing their smile on their face, while they were teaching us Spanish and selling us their homemade bracelets. In this yoga retreat we are trying to create a vibe and a space where slowing down is relatively easy, but how do you take that state of mind back home?

It’s always about balance

When our base is wobbly, we need to find balance again. We find balance between the things that are ​in ​our control and be ok with the things that are​ out ​of our control. What’s in our control is practise social distancing. For us it meant that we needed to make a hard decision that this will be our last retreat for now. Although It hurts our hearts, at this moment we are doing everything within our power to slow down the spread of COVID-19. The rest is out of our control, what makes it easier to accept.

Yin and yang

During the week I taught a class about yin and yang, how they can not exist without each other and that there always should be balance between these two. Has our lifestyle shifted to much into yang? Has the earth found a way of telling us that we need to stop? Can there be anything good about this crisis we are in? While we are forced to stay at home, the earth gets a chance to heal.

Join our retreats from home!

*video made by Sara Joy Tiberio, check out

While we are closed, we are not stopping. We will continue to improve our yoga retreats, we will continue to make Eden more beautiful and we are playing with the idea of offering retreats online, so you can do your own retreat from home! Keep an eye on our social media!

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