Discover our luxury cabanas in the beautiful nature of Nicaragua.


If you're looking for a sustainable travel experience that allows you to connect with nature, our eco lodges in Nicaragua might be the perfect choice. Our selection of eco lodges at the Pacific ocean offers a range of options. Each of our eco lodges is committed to sustainable practices, such as using renewable energy sources and supporting local communities.

Bungalow 1

Ocean view cabana

$89 - 89/night

Bungalow 2

Ocean view cabana

$89 - 89/night

Bungalow 3

Luxurious wooden cabin

$79 - 79/night

Bungalow 4

Tropical cabana

$79 - 79/night

Bungalow 5

Luxurious wooden cabana

$79 - 79/night

Bungalow 6

Ocean view bungalow

$99 - 99night
yoga retreat bungalow

Bungalow 7

Garden view bungalow

From $ 79/night


While we prioritize sustainability, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort or convenience during your stay. In fact, our eco lodges offer a range of amenities to enhance your experience, such as locally sourced organic food, spa treatments using natural ingredients, and activities that allow you to explore the surrounding environment.

Ocean view or garden view

Choose your ocean view or garden view bungalow and relax on your private balcony

Parking and shuttle

We have free parking and are located at a shuttle stop going to San Juan Del Sur and Playa Maderas.

Kingsize bed or two twin beds

In every bungalow you can choose if you want a king size bed or two twin beds

Free WiFi

Enjoy our free wifi in the main and swimming pool area

Swimming pool

Cool off from the year around sun in our pool overlooking the ocean

Free breakfast

Enjoy a Nicaraguan healthy breakfast. This delicious breakfast is included in the price.


Your room will be cleaned every day

Outdoor fitness center

Like to stay fit on your holiday? Have a work out in our eco-fitness center.


Take a peek inside and see why our guests return every year.


What is an eco lodge?

An eco lodge is a sustainable accommodation option. It operates with minimal impact on the environment and promotes conservation. Eco lodges use renewable energy sources and efficient water and waste management systems. They offer guests a chance to engage with nature and support eco-tourism.

Eco lodge in Nicaragua

Eco lodges in Nicaragua, like Eden, offer guests a chance to connect with nature, explore local ecosystems and support local communities. Eco lodges in Nicaragua are a great option for travelers who want to enjoy the beauty of Central America while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Pacific coast eco destinations

Eco accommodations at the Pacific coast are sustainable accommodations located throughout the Pacific ocean. Popular destinations are Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala or Panama. These eco-friendly lodges or hotels aim to reduce their environmental impact. Most of them also support the Pacific coast's economy by using locally sourced materials and supporting local communities.

Find Pacific coast eco-resorts

Finding a Pacific coast eco-resort is easy with online research tools and travel websites. One can search for eco-resorts by location, amenities, and sustainability practices. Travelers can also read reviews from other guests to ensure the eco-resort meets their expectations. Many eco-resorts offer sustainable features such as solar power, rainwater harvesting, and a organic farm. It's important to research and book eco-resorts in advance, as they often have limited availability.

Eco lodge vs eco hotel

An eco lodge and an eco hotel are both sustainable accommodations. However, eco lodges are typically smaller and more rustic, while eco hotels are larger and more luxurious. Eco lodges often have a more intimate connection with nature, while most eco hotels may have more amenities. Eco lodges typically have a stronger focus on environmental sustainability, while eco hotels may prioritize luxury and guest comfort. Both types of accommodations promote sustainable tourism and eco-friendly practices.

Luxury eco lodge Nicaragua

A luxury eco lodge in Nicaragua is a high-end sustainable accommodation that offers guests a luxurious and eco-friendly experience. These lodges are designed to have minimal impact on the environment while providing guests with the utmost comfort and luxury. Luxury eco lodges in Central America offer guests a chance to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying a range of high-end amenities such as spa treatments and private excursions.

Best eco lodge Nicaragua

The best eco lodge in Nicaragua is a matter of personal preference and depends on individual needs and interests. However, some of the top eco lodges in Nicaragua include Jicaro Island, Morgan's Rock Hacienda and Eden on the Chocolata (our place). These eco lodges offer a unique and sustainable experience, with a focus on conservation, community support, and sustainable practices. Each eco accommodation has its own unique features and amenities, such as private beaches, organic gardens, and locally sourced cuisines.

Yoga retreat and eco lodge

A yoga retreat and eco lodge, like Eden, is a sustainable accommodation that offers guests an opportunity to practice yoga in a natural and eco-friendly environment. These retreats often feature yoga classes, meditation sessions, and wellness programs, as well as eco-tourism activities. eco retreat centers offer guests a chance to connect with nature, find inner peace, and support sustainable tourism. They are a great option for travelers who want to combine their love for yoga with their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Why booking an eco lodge?

Booking an eco accommodation is a great way to support sustainable tourism and reduce your environmental impact while traveling. They offer guests a chance to connect with nature and immerse themselves in the local culture. Booking an eco lodge is a responsible and rewarding way to travel.

How to book an eco lodge?

Booking an eco lodge is similar to booking any other accommodation, but with a few additional considerations. Research eco lodges in your desired destination and read reviews from other guests to ensure the eco accommodation meets your needs and expectations. Look for eco lodges that prioritize sustainability and offer eco-tourism activities. Contact the eco lodge directly or book through a travel website that specializes in eco-friendly travel. Be sure to inquire about the eco lodge's sustainability practices, such as energy and water conservation, waste management, and community support.

Eco lodge San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is a popular destination in Nicaragua known for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty. There are several eco lodges in San Juan del Sur, like Eden, that offer sustainable and eco-friendly accommodations. They also offer guests a range of tourism activities such as hiking and surfing. Several eco lodges in San Juan del Sur support the local community by sourcing local ingredients and providing employment opportunities.

Costs of an eco lodge

The cost of an eco lodge in Central America per night can vary depending on the location, amenities, and level of luxury. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $400 per night for an eco accommodation in Nicaragua. More basic eco bungalows tend to be less expensive, while luxury eco lodges with high-end amenities such as private pools and spa services can be more costly. It's important to note that eco bungalows often have a higher nightly rate compared to traditional accommodations due to their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. However, the unique and sustainable experience offered by eco lodges can be well worth the cost for many travelers.

This place is a true Eden - a hidden gem in the jungle yet close enough to the town. One has the opportunity to retreat from the world and reconnect with self and nature.


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