The people behind our retreats


Eden reflects a philosophy of hospitality with a commitment to sustainability, comfort and conscious living.

Remy Groenendaal

Founder & Personal Growth Teacher
The interest of becoming a better version of himself and living a healthy lifestyle was always a big part of his life since his professional tennis career. He wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and to share the tools that he has learned over the years to become the best version of yourself during the transformational retreats that Eden has to offer.

Kelly de Beer

Founder & Yoga Teacher
Kelly traveled the world with Remy to search for something more in life. She had no idea what she was looking for. A yoga teacher training, a Reiki training, and a Vipassana meditation course helped her find happiness by just being. She developed a dream to create a place where she could share her passions for good food and yoga and where people can take the time to be conscious of their body, mind, and soul. That dream became reality at Eden.

Mel Houston

Yoga teacher and manager
Mel is a passionate advocate for healthy and sustainable living. Her next focus is to embark on a journey into the spiritual world. She strives to align her physical and spiritual practice and to never stop learning as a yoga teacher. Mel is fun and vibrant. She brings positivity and adventure wherever she goes. She characterizes hippy vibes with her style and wild soul.

Joris Sjamaar

Retreat Marketing Expert
Joris is a digital expert and retreat enthousiast living in Amsterdam. He really believes that retreats are adding value to the lives of people. He hopes to make the world a more conscious place by helping retreat owners succeed.
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