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Read our vision and watch our reviews in a special designed video and let Eden inspire you!


Click below for real reviews from our guests that stayed at Eden. It is a helpful video to watch if you want to know what is so special at Eden, directly from our amazing guests that enjoyed their Eden Experience.

What makes us unique?

Eden on the Chocolata is an eco-luxury retreat near San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua- a beautiful country that offers a warm and hospitable culture with a touch of adventure. Our guests will experience the raw and pure soul of Mother Nature that isn’t always easy to find in this modern world. Eden invites you to relax into a safe container AND to step out of your comfort-zone.
We aim to inspire EVERYONE who sets foot at Eden to live a happier, healthier and more conscious life. This includes all our guests, visitors, staff and volunteers. We do this by offering various tools and practices for Self growth and expansion.

Why others might call us a bit crazy?

We don’t measure success based on profits. We have succeeded when our guests feel inspired to live their true potential, to break old patterns, to change their lifestyle for the better.
Eden offers lessons in ‘Life Art’ that we don’t learn in school. Regular education does not teach us to how to take the steering wheel of our own life. It does not encourage us to find out what we really stand for, what our core values are, or what really makes us happy.
This is what we do focus on at Eden. We give you a set of valuable tools that allow you to navigate your own path. To connect with your higher Self and trust your inner voice instead of blindly following the rules and expectations of society.

What makes our approach unique?

By diving deep into the yoga, meditation and special ceremonies that we offer, our guests have the opportunity to explore new aspects of themselves and break patterns they were not even aware of. Body, mind and soul are re-aligned so that the true purpose of life becomes clear again. Once this clarity exists, it is possible to envision how to manifest our wildest dreams. We strive to make a positive change in the lives of our guests so they can live their true potential.

What we believe in

We see every adversity as a chance to grow. Our personal shadows and flaws are not meant to be avoided or ignored, they are meant to be accepted as a part of us. Only from a space of love and acceptance, true transformation can take place.
We do not control the outer world, but we can shape our inner world. It is our choice how to perceive the world, as long as we are conscious of the filter we look through. When we are conscious of our thought patterns and belief systems, we can change them.
Accepting adversity is not about sitting cross legged and not taking action. It is about knowing what is in your power to change and what isn’t. It is about choosing your battles with wisdom.

What makes our culture unique?

Everyone in our team strives for excellence in their work. Not because they have to but because they want to. We encourage people to grow as a person and we love to stimulate everyone’s creativity and potential, which is a never ending process. To support this we constantly train ourselves in new disciples as well. As we develop our personal talents, Eden expands with us.
Everyone in our team shares the responsibility to contribute to the main goal of Eden: growth. We strongly believe that the human soul strives to learn, develop and expand in any possible way and that this is an important factor in living a happy and fulfilling life.
There is ALWAYS open and honest communication at Eden, which is expressed in a respectful and kind way.

What are the things we will definitely not do?

You might have had the experience of being on a super relaxing holiday or retreat. Where everything came your way when you snapped your fingers. During that holiday you were completely content and motivated to keep that feeling alive once you returned home.
But as soon as you came back in your regular life routine, you fell into that same rat race, making you feel all anxious and stressed again.
Eden is not that place where you get everything you want by snapping your fingers. There might even be some moments of discomfort during you stay. You might be challenged in some new ways.
If you can fully embrace the experience of being in the tropics, without air-conditioning and television, in another culture, surrounded by nature with different kinds of animals than back home. You will have an amazing time with us.
We can assure you that you will be welcomed in a place that radiates love. A place where people care about you just as you are. A place with people whose true passion is to help you become the best version of yourself.
And when you return home, you will have new tools and energy to handle the real world and shine your light onwards.


If you bring your group to Eden we will make sure your guests are well taken care of. Our onsite managers will support you with all the logistics, management and holding space, so that you can completely focus on what you do best: leading your retreat program. We can help you put together the retreat and organize several activities and excursions. Contact us for prices and information.

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